Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome To Ground Zero Graphic Communications

Thank you for visiting us! We've put a few samples of some different types of projects on this first page for you (below) to get a taste of what we do. Please go through the section pages of the site to see more samples of our work!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wyoming Club Website

Ground Zero and McHugh Creative recently completed and launched the site for The Wyoming Club.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Yachta Yadda Logo

Made for a company that makes linens for luxury yachts.
(Two Y's back to back form a trident.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Olamar Vision Brochure

Ground Zero teams up with McHuge Creative and Shenandoah Advisors to design, write and manage this brochure project to promote this fractional real estate opportunity in Cabo San Lucas. Large images and clean layouts were used to show the area, activities and lifestyle associated with the Olamar area.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Client Case Study #1 — Celeste Resort, Mexico

Celeste Resort in Huatulco, Mexico asked us to do a complete branding package for them to sell their resort / real estate condominiums in southern Mexico. McHuge Creative and Ground Zero teamed up on this one! We visited the grounds for the development, took lots of photos and discussed their vision for the property. The work below is the brand/vision between Ground Zero & Partners and the team of owners, marketing folks, and sales people on the ground at Celeste in Hautulco Mexico.

Logo/Brand Mark:
The clients had a definite opinion on having some kind of "
Aztec sun" shape in the logo done in a metal/copper/rustic form. The area around the resort was rich in ancient Mexican Aztec culture. After many design experiments and options as we concepted, we ended up with a mark that represented what we all felt was right for the area and the resort.

Initial Website Development:

The website was an HTML and SEO friendly site with a band of "Flash" programing across the top to swap out many beautiful images of the area and things to do there. This was to be the quick site to get up for customers to be able to get excited about the new development in Celeste.

Vision Brochure Development:

A "Vision Brochure" was created and sent to qualified leads and prospects to get them interested and talking to the sales people in Mexico. This described the site as well as gave info about owning in Mexico.

Magazine Publication Advertising:

A few different single page ads and double page ads were created for high-end travel magazines to get the word out for Celeste as well.

Airport Posters & Signage:

Lighted signs in the airport and printed posters were also created as part of the campaign. All had similar message and feel to the advertising and outdoor pieces.

Outdoor Signage/Billboards:

The look and feel of the campaign continued with the out door advertising and directional signage from the airport to the property.

Store Front "Cover Up and Reveal" Signage:

As the client was getting the offices prepared in downtown Hautulco, we needed some signage that would interest folks driving/walking by but also "hide" what what happening behind. This signage had a torn paper "revealing" element as the days went by to reveal the new property for sale and rent up the road.